Tax & Asset Planning

This is an interesting area of law that requires experienced practitioners with the right educational background and experience. Senior partner and founder, Mark C. Doyle, heads this practice area for TLD Law. Mark C. Doyle has a Masters of Law in Taxation, LLM, which he received from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles in 2005.

This practice area includes advanced planning for all types of taxation, including but not limited to counseling on the minimization of estate taxes (also known as “death taxes”), capital gains and corporate tax, real property tax increases, state and local taxes.

TLD Law has counseled many clients in structuring transactions in order to minimize and plan for estate taxes, with advance planning techniques such as gifting of interest, QTIP, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and QPERT’s.

In addition, TLD Law has counseled clients (both individual and corporate) on how to properly structure and minimize the tax impacts of exiting a business, such as a stock purchase sale, asset sale, installment sale of a business, and gifting strategies prior to retirement by the owner in an effort to reduce the tax burden to the individual or the corporation.

TLD Law can counsel clients with analyzing the proper vehicle for purchasing assets to save tax dollars upon sale, and the best entity or way to acquire assets, both for the individual and the corporation.

For more information about individual or business tax/asset planning issues, please contact TLD Law for a consultation.